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Middlebury, VT
Life can toss you a lot sometimes. I had the blessing of donating a kidney to my sister. Shortly after my recovery, the small business she and I started really started booming and we put a lot of inventory on our personal credit cards. Then, the market in our area collapsed and we weren’t making any money. The creditors started calling. Many, many times a day. I was really low. Then I received the offer from Derby Advisors. Not only did they assure me they could help, but, they offered me a rate that actually allowed me to get ahead.
San Antonio, TX
I admit that I had a spending problem. I wanted people to think I was super successful. I was doing really well at my job but not as well as I thought others were doing. I put myself in a big hole and I was worried about how I was going to make ends meet. I stopped paying all my bills. It was a dark time. Derby Advisors took the time to hear my story and work out a plan that I could afford. Now, I am trying to stick to a budget and get myself financially healthy.